Get started in Pages
Zoom a document or view Pages full screen, Customize the toolbar, Quick navigation, Undo and redo changes, Create and open a document, Pages at a glance.

Edit text
Use bidirectional text, Format Chinese, Japanese, or Korean text, Format punctuation, Create links for websites and email addresses, Create bulleted and numbered lists, Use paragraph styles, Adjust character spacing and formatting, Change the look of text, Copy and paste text, Add text.

Format documents
Add a table of contents, Use EndNote and MathType, Add footnotes and endnotes, Show and hide rulers, View formatting marks and layout, Align text, Add a background color and border, Create sections, Add headers, footers, and page numbers, Convert the document type.

Add images, shapes, and media
Layer, group, and lock objects, Align and position objects, Use alignment guides, Set ruler preferences, Resize, rotate, and flip an object, Use object styles, Change the look of an object, Place objects in the background, Add and align text in an object, Add a caption to an object.

Add tables and charts
Charts, Formulas and functions, Tables.

Use writing and editing tools
Track changes, Show word count and other document statistics, Add comments and highlight text, Replace text automatically, Find and replace text, Look up words, Check spelling.

Manage documents
Delete a document, Move a document to or from iCloud, Add custom templates, Password-protect a document, Lock a document, Save a document in another format, Locate a document, Save and rename a document.

Share and print documents
Transfer files using iTunes, Share files over a remote server, Print envelopes, labels, and business cards, Print a document, Send a copy of a document, Share and edit a document with others, Use iCloud with Pages.

Keyboard shortcuts