Save a chart as a new style

If you customize the appearance of a chart and want to apply these same changes to other charts, you can create a new style. The new style is saved along with the styles that come with the template.

Save a chart as a new style

  1. Select the chart with the changes you want to save as a new style.

  2. In the Chart pane of the Format inspector, navigate to the last pane of chart styles by clicking the triangle on the right.

  3. Click New style button to add your style.

  4. In the dialog that appears, choose an option:

    • All series styles: Keep all available series styles associated with the chart.

    • Only visible series styles: Keep only the series styles currently visible in the chart.

  5. Click OK.

Your new chart style is added to the chart styles at the top of the Chart pane. You can drag styles to organize them however you like, or replace them.