Save a table as a new style

If you customize the appearance of a table and want to apply the same formatting to other tables, you can create a new table style. The new style is saved along with the styles that come with the template.

Pages creates the new table style based on the most frequently used style for some attributes, such as cell fill and border style. For example, if your table uses many different fonts, the new table style adopts the font that appears the most often in the table.

Save a table as a new style

  1. Select the table with the formatting you want to save.

  2. In the Table pane of the Format inspector, click the arrow on the right of the existing table styles to navigate to the last pane.

  3. Click New Style button to add your style.

The new table style is added to the table styles at the top of the Table pane. You can organize these styles however you like, and replace them.

Organize styles in the Table Styles list

You can rearrange styles in the Table pane of the Format inspector to move the ones that you use most often to the front.

  1. Click and hold the style you want to move until the style flashes.

  2. Drag the style to a new location.

    To move a style from one pane to another, drag it over a navigation arrow to open the other pane, then drag it to where you want it.

Delete a table style from the Table Styles list

  • Control-click the style, then choose Delete Style.

Replace table styles

To quickly change the appearance of all tables that use a style, you can redefine the style, then apply it to all the tables that use it.

  1. Select one of the tables whose style you want to change, then make your changes.

  2. Select the table you just modified (if you deselected it).

  3. In the Table pane of the Format inspector, Control-click the style you want to change or the current style, then choose Redefine Style from Selection.

  4. Choose one of the following:

    • Update all objects that use current style: This changes the appearance of all tables that currently use this style.

    • Don’t update objects, and disconnect them from the style: This changes only the selected table. The style for the tables that aren’t updated are removed from the Style pane because the style was replaced.

  5. Click OK.