Use iCloud with Pages

iCloud stores your documents and keeps them up-to-date across your iOS devices, the web, and your computer so that you always have the most current versions at hand, no matter which device you used to make your latest edits.

You can also edit Pages documents in a web browser using Pages for iCloud beta on supported web browser on a Mac or Windows computer.

Documents you create using Pages for iCloud beta are automatically available in Pages on your Mac or iOS devices that are set up to use iCloud—and vice versa: If you create a document using Pages on an iOS device or a Mac, the document appears automatically on the web in Pages for iCloud beta.

See Pages for iCloud beta Help for more information.

Set up Pages to use iCloud

  1. Open System Preferences on your Mac, then click iCloud.

  2. Sign in using your Apple ID, or request a new Apple ID and then sign in.

  3. Select the Documents & Data checkbox, then click Options.

  4. Select the Pages checkbox, then click Done.

Tips for managing documents across devices

Here are a few things to keep in mind about using iCloud to manage your documents across devices:

  • If you edit and close a document when you’re not connected to the Internet, you see “Waiting” with a dotted cloud icon in the Open dialog on your Mac. The next time you connect to the Internet, the edited document is saved to iCloud.

  • If you edit a document on more than one device without saving, you will see conflicts. To avoid conflicts, make sure you save your document on one device before editing it on another device. If you do get a conflict, you can choose to preserve any or all of the documents you edited.

  • If you delete a document, it’s deleted from iCloud and from Pages on all your devices.

  • If you organize your documents into folders on one device, you see the same folder organization on all your devices.

  • If you change the title of a document on one device, the title is changed on all your devices.

  • If you add a password to your document on one device, you need to enter the password to access the document on all your devices.

  • Before you can share a document on iCloud, you need to save or move the document to iCloud.