Replace text automatically

You can set Pages to automatically replace certain text with text that you specify. For example, replace “teh” with “the” or “(c)” with ©.

Use text replacement

  1. Choose Edit > Substitutions > Show Substitutions (from the Edit menu at the top of your computer screen).

  2. In the Substitutions window, select the Text Replacement checkbox, then click Text Preferences.

  3. Click Text, click Add button, then type the text you want to replace (such as “teh”) in the Replace column.

  4. Type the word you want to replace it with (such as “the”) in the With column.

  5. Close the window when you’re done editing substitutions.

  6. Click a button to replace all occurrences of the replacement text in the document, or only in the selected text.

When Text Replacement is turned on for the document, a checkmark appears next to Text Replacement in the Substitutions menu. You can deselect Text Replacement to turn it off, but existing text won’t change unless you select the text, and then follow the steps above.

Note: Your text replacement settings apply to other applications on your computer, such as TextEdit, that also use the Substitutions window. If you don’t want to use a text replacement in a document, you can turn off text replacement for the selected text in the Substitutions window.